Terpenes are aromatic compounds that are naturally found in many plants, including industrial hemp.  The terpenes are responsible for the pleasing aromas that are associated with many plants, fruits or essential oils.  Some popular terpenes (and their signature scents) that are found in industrial hemp include; Myrcene (Herbal), Pinene (Pine), Caryophyllene (Pepper), Limonene (Citrus), Terpinolene (Fruity), Humulene (Hoppy), Ocimene (Mint), and Linalool (Lavender).  All these compounds have beneficial effects and collectively play a part in the “entourage effect” found in full spectrum hemp products.  Our direct oil extraction method carefully preserves the terpenes in the same proportions that are found in the native hemp plant – for the maximum benefit of our customers.

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